Press release | 28th April 2009

Australia's CSIRO Division of Molecular and Health Technology Increases its Use of IDBS' E-WorkBook for Chemistry (ChemBook) as a Scalable Solution for Polymer Chemistry Data Management

Guildford, UK, April 28, 2009 – IDBS announces that CSIRO Molecular and Health Technology is increasing its use of IDBS’ E-WorkBook for chemistry (ChemBook) in support of its internationally acclaimed polymer research. CSIRO are the developers of the groundbreaking RAFT technology in polymer chemistry, and have selected ChemBook to manage the diverse and complex data which are produced in the generation, characterization and IP security of these commercially important molecules.

ChemBook – a chemistry-specific extension to IDBS’ enterprise class E-WorkBook research data management system suite – incorporates IDBS’ expanded chemistry technologies and a chemically ‘aware’ spreadsheet for data analysis and statistical trending. ChemBook at CSIRO will provide an unprecedented combination of data management for reaction schemes, and for the diverse physiochemical data that are required to characterize these highly complex and multi-functional polymer products. The solution is also able to manage process workflows within and between groups and generate rapid, flexible reports across all of the data stored, including spectral annotations.

The E-WorkBook Suite has an open programming platform for CSIRO scientists to add and experiment with discipline-specific plug-ins and integrations, making it adaptable, evolutionary and readily integrated. Simon Saubern, Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO said: “The flexibility of the open Eclipse-based platform is what drew us to E-WorkBook. Our need to develop creative analysis solutions ourselves and still be able to track samples, instrument data and measured properties in an easy to use interface makes the E-WorkBook the obvious choice for us”. ChemBook will become integral to CSIRO’s plans for an automated polymer chemistry platform, managing and reporting on a wide range of process, spectral and other instrument data.

Neil Kipling, CEO of IDBS commented: “CSIRO’s expertise in this area of science and their confidence in our solution reflects the robustness and broad applicability of E-WorkBook and our expanded cheminformatics technologies. As a high profile research organization, and a long-standing client in the Asia-Pacific region, this decision also reflects our ongoing expansion in the region and our global commitment to our international research clients.”

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