Press release | 15th May 2007

IDBS Announces Strategic Partnership to Improve Presence and Reach of Professional Services in German-Speaking Regions

Guildford, United Kingdom, May 15, 2007 – IDBS, a leading provider of data management, analysis and decision support software, today announced a strategic partnership with a-tune Software AG.

The partnership will improve the presence and reach of IDBS Professional Services in Germany, Austria and German-speaking areas of Switzerland. a-tune will deliver a full range of IDBS Professional Services, including the provision of training for IDBS core products, technical consultancy and project management. The collaboration will benefit local customers through the improvement of response times and the elimination of language barriers.

a-tune, founded in 1998, is a privately-owned company that concentrates on two business lines: software development and professional services. They have worked with a broad range of customers in various market segments, including pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecommunications and automotive. Over the past eight years, a-tune has worked extensively with IDBS, delivering services and support for the ActivityBase Suite.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for us, and demonstrates our continued commitment to complete our service portfolio and maximise the value we offer to our customers,” said André Schadt, President of Sales and Marketing at a-tune Software AG. Andreas Staubi, COO of a-tune, added, “Our knowledge and capability within the research arena mean that we are ideally suited to the IDBS product suite, and our existing expertise in this area will greatly benefit IDBS customers in German-speaking regions.”

Neil Kipling, founder and CEO of IDBS, said, “We are always looking at innovative new ways to improve the presence and reach of IDBS Professional Services to our customers.” He added, “We are extremely happy to be working with a-tune, who we know will retain the integrity and high standards synonymous with IDBS products and services.”

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