Pharmacology & Preclinical Sciences

Reduce overall test time, speed up reporting and free up scientists to focus on research

The pressure is on. Less time than ever for analytical processing. Never ending compliance activities. Resource intensive reporting - that is often critical to your ability to compete if you are a contract research organization (CRO).

There’s no doubting the intensity of the challenge. But with IDBS, scientists in pharmacology and preclinical sciences can accelerate their research efforts by reducing time associated with analysis, reporting, and the overall testing process.

Liquid inserted into test tube

Audit by exception

With IDBS, deviations are flagged to automatically remove the need for the routine of trawling through paper records, which can delay reports by days or even weeks

Quality increases too. By mastering the vast amounts of data that drive pharmacological and preclinical research, teams can improve testing methods, enhance analysis and speed up the development of drug safety profiles.

  • Accelerate reporting and compliance thanks to auditing by exception and reduction in manual data entry
  • Achieve benefits fast thanks to rapid deployment and comprehensive end-user training
  • Speed up search including reagent, instrument, analyst, method and sample
  • Adapt easily to your business using simple configuration tools
  • Integrate seamlessly with other information management systems including Watson LIMS

E-WorkBook Bioanalysis Solution

Bioanalysis is an essential part of any drug development program, but without the right data management, costly delays can occur. IDBS provides the answer. The E-WorkBook Bioanalysis Solution is proven to reduce the time taken to produce validated bioanalysis study reports by several weeks.

This solution provides preconfigured workflows based on industry best practices to support common laboratory processes for both small and large molecules. You can capture all data including samples, reagents and laboratory assets within one secure, compliant system.

  • Dramatic improvements in reporting time
  • Apply QC in real time by capturing non-conformities when they happen, not after the event
  • Link experiments to instrument calibration history and reagent preparation records for full traceability
  • Provide native sample management capabilities and complement existing infrastructure via seamless integration with Watson LIMS

E-WorkBook DMPK Solution

Determining the drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) properties of a drug is crucial to understand its safety and efficacy. Keeping this data locked up in spreadsheet files and documents makes this a difficult, time consuming, error prone process.

The E-WorkBook DMPK Solution provides a flexible system to accelerate your small and large molecule DMPK research results. Cross-experimental reports make it simple to combine PK results with those from pharmacology or toxicology testing to expedite analysis.

  • Support flexible study design and planning of dosing and sample collection
  • Integrate with common mass spectroscopy platforms
  • Simplify non-compartmental modeling and compartmental analyses
  • Accelerate study reporting