Biological Sciences

Crystal clear insights that drive biologics research and development

The data is everything. From recombinant antibodies to enzymes, cell-based to tissue-derived products, the data generated during the development of biological therapeutics is the key that leads to more effective products and improved production processes.

That’s where IDBS makes a difference. We work with leading biopharmaceutical organizations to streamline processes and improve quality across the range of biopharmaceutical operations. This includes molecular biology and cell line optimization, upstream and downstream process development and pilot plant.

Research teams also benefit from enhanced biologics registration, genealogy management and traceability throughout the development lifecycle. It’s also easy to make comparisons between process conditions and batches that are otherwise prohibitively time-consuming or simply impossible.

Biological enzymes

Flexibility and compliance

Flexible enough to cope with the demands of research environments, IDBS also supports full validation and compliance for GxP. Built-in workflow execution capabilities enable you to both optimize your processes and prevent common errors, taking your development capabilities to another level.

With the IDBS biologics solutions, biopharmaceutical organizations can also capture data directly from commonly used systems and instruments, removing the risk of transcription errors and improving data quality.

  • Gain additional insight into your products and processes
  • Facilitate collaboration between upstream and downstream development, and supporting groups such as analytical development
  • Accelerate the generation of development reports and expedite technology transfer
  • Search data with context, supporting more meaningful queries and faster report generation
  • Support compliance and validation by managing data across development into GxP

The Bioprocess Execution System (BPES)

IDBS Bioprocess Execution System is specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by biopharmaceutical professionals striving to improve efficiency and process understanding while maintaining the highest levels of quality. Based on E-WorkBook Suite, the IDBS Bioprocess Execution System provides a compliant, unified environment across the product and process lifecycle and delivers configurable workflows based on industry best practices.

Whether you are carrying out daily monitoring of your bioreactors or performing critical QC testing, IDBS’ Bioprocess Execution System improves business performance by streamlining process execution and delivering unparalleled product and process insight. Scientists can quickly compare batches, sample results and other key product and process attributes through information-rich, consistent reports.

  • Gain a holistic view of your products and processes, enabling better decision-making and improved insight
  • Engineer common errors out of your processes and support continuous improvement initiatives
  • Capture data at the point of process execution, eliminating the time and errors associated with manual transcription
  • Dramatically reduce report generation times and streamline technology transfer