E-WorkBook Suite

InforSense for E-WorkBook

Boost the brainpower of your business

Business intelligence is the intellectual fuel that powers the work of your brightest people. That’s where InforSense makes a difference. An advanced business intelligence solution that is integrated with the E-WorkBook Suite, InforSense enables organizations to create analytical applications based on any data source, in any format, however complex.

InforSense supports the discovery and decision-making process by integrating data and services from different sources and architectures so that analysts can find and incorporate the most appropriate information.

Analysing data with e-workbook

In addition, InforSense enhances E-WorkBook-based business processes, making it easier to navigate large amounts of data, and to combine data from any source inside or outside an organization.

  • Get the most from investments in existing software and expertise
  • Achieve enterprise scalability, connectivity and data transparency while reducing the maintenance burden on IT
  • De-silo the enterprise and improve the quality of information that is captured from multiple sources
  • Reduce the time spent going between applications and multiple systems
  • Manage and capture analysis processes, not just results 
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining statistical analysis and visualization with complete workflow control
Technical Description
  • Integrates directly with E-WorkBook and the E-WorkBook spreadsheet
  • Includes E-WorkBook security, versioning and auditing capabilities
  • Fully featured data processing operations
  • Comprehensive support for different data sources, file types and database connectivities
  • Provides third-party software integration
  • Connects to web service protocols, via SOAP and REST
  • R-Studio module allows R to be embedded directly into data flows
  • Dataflows are operable as either standalone via the web client or through the
    E‑WorkBook user interface
  • Rapid development of analytical applications that enables analytics strategies to change with the business
  • Embedding of applications into services that enable the delivery of analytics to all users
  • Automates the retrieval of data and annotation information from multiple systems, so results can be captured directly
    into E‑WorkBook