E-WorkBook Suite

Innovation accelerated, intellectual property secured

Move quickly. As well as helping secure the intellectual property of your research and development (R&D), the E-WorkBook Suite increases efficiency and enables you to get innovative products to market faster.

Much, much more than the sum of its parts, the E-WorkBook Suite transcends the typical electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) paradigm. As well as delivering a robust suite of applications for data and sample management, it also offers industry leading analysis, reporting and IP retention.

 Data reporting in laboratory

Flexible, scalable, fast to value

The E-WorkBook Suite is also highly flexible. Suitable for small or the largest of organizations, and with a proven track record of robust performance, it can be quickly deployed and is easy to use.

And it scales quickly to the needs of your business. You can start simple or throw E-WorkBook at the most challenging tasks. It also grows with the needs of your organization making it an investment that continues to deliver business value as you grow and adapt in today’s fast-moving research environment.

Technical Description
  • Scalable system backed by Oracle capable of supporting thousands of users across a global multisite WAN
  • Web-browser interface supports Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Modules available to extend core functionality for chemistry, biology, asset management and instrument data capture
  • Integration with industry standard informatics systems
  • Comprehensive library of web services and extension points