ActivityBase for Biology

Ensure experimental data stands up to scrutiny, deliver results to decision-makers quickly

The challenge for biologists is clear. On the one hand, pressure to accelerate experimental work; on the other, there’s no room for any compromise in data accuracy and scientific rigor.

With ActivityBase you can reconcile both these goals. Providing an environment where biologists can add samples to plates and join these with experimental raw data, ActivityBase enables biologists to undertake all scientific data analysis and result derivation in one place.

Biological cell structure

Simplify and speed up decision-making

Decision-making about the quality of your assay results is made simpler thanks to a visual, interactive interface designed to highlight the most important aspects of your experimental data.

Biologists can also perform data analysis and decision-making manually, or automate defined QC or pharmacological-based business rules that accelerate the overall process.

  • Increase objectivity of decision-making through consistent, objective results
  • Enhance traceability of raw data, analysis methods and results
  • Optimize workflows independently of screening technology – use for all assay types, including multiparametric and image based
  • Take advantage of more than 70 curve fitting models including most popular screening quality control functions
  • Increase functionality by adding your own curve fitting models or other calculations
Technical Description
  • All calculated results and associated data accessible through IDBS query and reporting tools
  • Specific data analysis methodology easily transferred to other ActivityBase users using export-import feature
  • Test entity (sample) registration and traceability
  • All types of test ‘container’ can be created including tubes, vials, plates and custom containers e.g. microarrays
  • Plate creation, registration and traceability
  • Results captured in structured data model
  • Built in test-requesting workflow support
  • Capture results from high throughput screening
  • Automation of medium and high throughput screening data capture and storage of analyzed results
  • Capture results from in vitro assays
  • Integrate with full-service plate management solution
  • Works from Microsoft® Excel environment by loading data from Excel or any instrument/software output file
  • Support for multiparametric and kinetics assay
  • Data capture, analysis, review, visualization and decision support in a single user interface
  • Web client for system administration and super-user features
  • Scalable up to hundreds of geographically disparate users and billions of results
  • ISO 9001 and TickIT accreditation